Digital Political World Map, Robinson Projection, Euro centric, 50M scale

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Buy Digital vector Political World map with countries, Robinson Projection, Europe centered, medium scale (A3+). Fully editable and layered in Illustrator and PDF formats.You can turn the layers on or off, customise the lines, fills and editable font text, add your own information to create your own styles. 

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Fully editable medium scale World map in a choice of vector formats. You can turn the layers on or off, customise the lines, fills and text and add your own information to create your own styles. Layers include: coastlines and islands, country borders & fills, country names, sea/ocean names, river names, rivers, major lakes, minor lakes, physical names, capital cities, major settlements, major airports plus latitude/longitude @ 10 & 5 degree intervals. Suitable for use up to A3. Map dimensions 45 inches D x 55 inches W (28.26 x 21.72 cm.) Choose from Illustrator 5.5 (for use up to Illustrator 10), Illustrator CS (for use with Illustrator CS1, 2 or 3) or FreeHand 8. Choose Illustrator 5.5 to be compatible with CorelDraw 6 or later and Canvas 7 or later.

Usage: Technical — suitable for whole-world reference maps. Although a reasonable compromise, note that areas are not represented in their correct relative sizes, and the poles are shown as lines much the width of the map, rather than as points. If these are problems, try Hammer. Robinson is a popular choice for wall maps and textbooks in the United States, with the National Geographic and Rand McNally extensively employing it.Graphical — suitable for world maps in brochures, but not suitable for displaying world statistics such as distribution of resources, vegetation, population, or industrial activity. For such maps, try Eckert IV, Mollweide, or Hammer.

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