South East Asia Political map with country insets

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Detailed Political vector map of South East Asia including country insets.
Available in Illustrator CS6 (for use with CC). All map elements are 100% editable including font text.
For use from A4 to A1+. Royalty Free. 

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South East Asia Region Political map with country insets @10m scale, Large size
Fully editable, detailed, large scale South East Asia vector layered map in a choice of Illustrator formats. 

Layers include: Coastlines, country borders, country fills (as separate objects), country inset fills, capital cities, major settlements, smaller settlements, country names, sea/ocean names, rivers, major lakes plus latitude/longitude @10, 5 and 1 degree intervals.

Formats: Available in Illustrator CSCS6 (For use with CC) or Adobe Acrobat Editable PDF 6.0 format upon request. Our maps in PDF 6.0 format are fully layered within Acrobat but can still be opened and edited in Illustrator CS6/CC while retaining full layering with 100% editability.

Map dimensions:  11.04" D x 13.71" W (28.06 cm D x 34.83 cm W)

Extracted Document sizes:  Illustrator CS: 12Mb   Acrobat PDF: on request

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Authors notes: This map is new and up-to-date for 2022. These large scale maps are some of the best looking maps straight off the shelf. Suitable for use from A4 up to A1 size. If you would prefer to purchase a set of Regions or World maps please visit our World Maps Collections category.

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