Scotland 1st level Political map with high res strong colour relief @1M scale

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ROYALTY FREE. Large up-to-date, highly detailed, 100% editable layered vector political and relief map in Illustrator CS format. Suitable for use up to any size. All text is editable font text.
Projection matches Ordnance Survey data and grid co-ordinates. Contains 1st level admin boundaries so can be used as either a political map, a relief map or a combination of both.

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Scotland Regions Map @1,000,000 scale with a placed 300dpi Strong colour relief background
ROYALTY FREE. Large up-to-date, highly detailed, 100% editable layered vector map. Suitable for use up to virtually any size. All elements on the map can be easily altered and all text is editable font text. Matches Ordnance Survey projection and co-ordinates. Contains 1st level administrative boundaries and fills so can be used as a political map, a relief map or a combination of either.

Layers include: Coastlines, county boundaries, County fills, Settlements layered by population. Physical features include rivers and river names, lakes and lake names, island names, bay and headland names. The map includes a high resolution 300dpi relief background in strong colours as a placed (linked) tiff.

Formats: Available in Illustrator CS1 (for use with Illustrator CS1 to CS6 or later) or Adobe Acrobat Editable PDF 6.0 format. Our maps in PDF 6.0 format are fully layered within Acrobat but can still be opened and edited in Illustrator CS4 -CS6 while retaining full layering with 100% editability. Our relief tiff files are single layer.

Map dimensions:  27.85" D x 17.8" W (70.7cm D x 45.4cm W)

Extracted Document sizes:  Illustrator CS: 4.5Mb plus 26.4Mb placed relief background tiff file   Acrobat PDF: 26.2Mb with embedded relief background tiff file

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Authors notes: This stunning map is re-drawn and updated for 2013 and is some of the most highly detailed editable mapping available off the shelf. These are new 300dpi relief backgrounds with a fantastic level of detail. You could commision someone to create this map for you, but not for this price and not today. It will match Ordnance Survey co-ordinates and data while many other UK maps sold by non-UK companies are in various conic projections and will not. We believe this is the best British Isles mapping you can buy today and use immediately. Also available for purchase are sets of British Isles maps, please see our British Isles Map Collections category.

If you would like a custom map created to your requirements please Contact Us for a quote or give us a call to discuss.

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