British Isles 500k scale Vector Deluxe Map Collection

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British Isles Vector Deluxe Map collection @1m, 5m and 500k scale. Complete British Isles maps and regional sections. Up-to-date, very accurate, 100% editable and fully layered in Adobe Illustrator. You can choose which layers you require and turn them on or off, customise all the map elements, lines, fills and editable font text. Use as is, add other information or just create your own image. This product is sold under our Annual licence.

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UPDATED TO 2014 DATA, ANNUAL LICENCE. This is truly a complete British Isles vector mapping package. British Isles Vector Deluxe Map Collection @5m, 1m and 500k scale. 100% editable and fully layered in Adobe Illustrator CS4 format for use up to CS6 or later. Illustrator CS6 (or Cloud) is our suggestion and preference for using this set. 
Layers include (dependent on the map) Roads (Primary routes, 'A' roads, 'B' Roads, minor and C road selection and Motorways), M'way junctions, M'way juction numbers, Service stations & Services names, Railways, Airports, Extra Settlements, Rivers & Lakes, vector Sea masks, County/Region/Administrative boundaries and fills, Physical features (Mountain ranges, spot heights, river names, lake names, island names etc.). Inset maps are also supplied for the Northern isles of Shetland and Orkney.

Product contains the following complete maps:•
British Isles County, Road & Rail map @500,000 scale•, 
British Isles County, Road & Rail map @1,000,000 scale•, 
British Isles County, Road & Rail map at @5,000,000 scale

Product also contains the following section maps @1:500,000 scale:•
Scotland map, North England map, Central England, East England map, South East England map, South West England map,• Wales map and• Ireland map plus Inset maps of the Northern Isles of Shetland and Orkney.

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