Push Pin World Travel Map NEUTRAL BEIGE SAND Detailed Canvas - Detailed Physical & Political Large 140x90cm

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Pushpin DETAILED World Map Sand Large
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Political & Physical World Pushpin Map
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Push Pin World Travel Map Neutral, Beige, Sand, CANVAS World Pushpin Map, World Pinboard Map,  Political & Physical, Canvas World Map

An original UP-TO-DATE pushpin Political & Physical canvas world map. Ideal for the office, school education or home to track your travels, past, present and future! Makes a fabulous gift!

A talented & skilled unique creative work of art, superbly printed using easy-to-read bold fonts for clarity.

Cartographic data is presented with great style with stunning neutral land and warm sandy cream ocean floor background.  

HIGHLY DETAILED Data includes :
Country Names & Boundaries
Capital Cities & Major Settlements coloured by population with population size key
Internal Region Borders and Names (of the United States, Canada, Brazil, Russia, India, China and Australia)
Contested areas
Physical Land Feature Names
Sea Names, Island Names
Rivers & Lakes
Physical Land & Ocean Floor 

Large Size : 140cm wide x 90cm deep - shipped to UK only

Purchase smaller size (90cm x 60cm) shipped to UK & USA only @

Material : Finely textured premium artist-grade 350gsm polycotton. Professionally stretched & wrapped around a handmade 3cm durable wood frame by experienced craftsmen to prevent bending with a mounted sheet of firm cardboard behind the canvas for pinning coloured marker flags. Well finished & supplied with FREE easy-to-use hanging kit and 60 red flag push pins

Printing : The most advanced and latest printing technology using highly durable inks, environmentally friendly and UV-resistant so the colours never fade!

To clean, wipe gently with a damp soft cloth only with no cleaning agents

Shipped in sturdy cardboard box for best packaging

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